Incident Response Team

The first few hours are crucial. Send us Your S.O.S.


as "SOC as a Service" cover the first 2 steps of Incident Management: Awareness and Detect - we have decided to offer a Premium service to anyone that need it.

Ransomware pesticide

The plague of Ramsonware or more commonly known as "CryptoLoker" is increasingly expanding. Thanks to our IRT services we were able to recover the data without having to pay ransoms and finance criminal activities

Blue Team

An entire defense team you can rely on 24/7. Do not hesitate to contact us, the first few hours are crucial for the detection and resolution of attacks.

Daily Check
attacks prevented
Decrypted Ramsomware

This and much more from our IR Team

These are just some of the results obtained in recent years with our Customers. Prevention is always better than cure but when there is no alternative, our team is always there

Risk Management

Risk Management

We manage all Incident using recognized International Standard: ISO-31000

DarkWeb Analysis

DarkWeb Analysis

In addition to ramsomware, among the most common attacks we certainly find Phishing or activity carried out by malicious people in order to steal sensitive data such as passwords or access codes.

however, it is possible to conduct analyzes on the Dark Web in order to verify any Data Breach or Data Exfiltration

Forensic Analysis

Forensic Analysis

In case of need, for Incidents that require it or for legal issues, it is possible to engage our Forensic Analysis Team in order to analyze the events up to the origin of the problem.

Disaster Recovery Prevention

Some time it's really not possible to recover the data. In this case the best way is to have a service to create, manage and store your backups and restore them. The safest solution for your data, wherever it is.

Disaster Recovery
Ransomware Decriptor

Ransomware Decriptor

The last word is never said.

Data encryption is among the most common attacks in recent years. These attacks are carried out by Criminals for profit but, in some cases, it is possible to recover compromised data without funding these criminal activities.

Data Breach Detection

Data Breach Detection

According to the GDPR regulation, companies are obliged to notify the Privacy Guarantor of any Data Breach or Data Exfiltration. In many cases and without the right tools, their identification can be complicated, thus incurring heavy penalties.

With our team we can support you in order to mitigate this risk.


What are you waiting for? If you are under attack or if you only fear for your data or a simple compromise, request to be contacted immediately.

The first few hours are essential to avoid worse damage and put yourself on the safe side!


You may already be self-employed in incident management and just want to improve the security of your IT systems.

Come and discover our Managed CyberSecurity services with a SOC as a Service.