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Need to know the difference between Self Service and Managed Service?
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Did you have a larger environment or need more than 90-Days retention?

Don't worry it's possible to configure the Security Service up to:
- 384 TB of HotStorage Log with ullimited devices
- 10 years of retention
- onPrem log and event forwarder

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Managed Security Service it's simply a SOC as a Service

With a Security System you can get the observability that you need on your systems and infrastructures, but you have also to manage the output and even issues!

We can offer a Managed Security System trough our SOC as a Service. It's possible to configure and include any check and management that you need:
- Vulnerability Management and their LifeCycle
- Obsolete Operating Systems
- Audit and Compliance, including GDPR Check
- Application Security
- Cloud Environments Security

Find out more details in Service's dedicated page.

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We can configure a Service that suit all of your needs, from just customize the product to detect, analyze and solve any issue on your infrastructure.


Stop trouble and bug

Observe and manage your infrastructure from a single point:
- Vulnerability Check and Overview
- Asset Inventory
- Log Management
- GDPR Compliance

and much more features...


Security Infrastructure are very expensive and need a lot of skill to be managed.

Save money with "as a Service" formula.

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Get one more step in ISO 27001 Compliance 


Define custom alert to be noticed as soon as problems appear.

SOAR and Playbook

Define custom playbook and use our SOAR Automation Out of the Box to define and solve problems before it appear

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